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Taxi conflicts, unpaid fines 'a concern'

    December 27 2007 at 03:37PM

Taxi related crime and unpaid traffic fines are some of the key areas of concern which adversely affect people's lives, said North West MEC for Transport, Roads and Community Safety on Thursday.

Briefing the media at Orion Safari Hotel in Rustenburg, MEC Phenye Vilakazi said the greater Rustenburg area has over many years experienced taxi related conflict.

"The reason why the area has become a contested terrain amongst taxi owners, is that Rustenburg is the fastest growing town in South Africa, and as a result more people flock into the area to earn a living."

Vilakazi said the situation has led to tension between legal and illegal operators, hence the establishment of a 17 member task team - which included South African Police Service members and traffic officials.

"Law enforcement has become a complex challenge because of allegations that some law enforcers were part of the problem as they own taxis," he said.

Although the brief of the task team - established in September this year - was largely on the taxi problem, it also tackled other crimes.

Vilakazi said 74 people were arrested since October and most cases where related to taxi conflicts.

Amongst others, the charges included illegal pointing of a firearm, crimen injuria, housebreaking, possession of drugs and malicious damage to property.

Things like explosives, drugs, stolen vehicles and other stolen equipment were recovered during the arrests.

In terms of traffic law enforcement, the department was owed a total of R26-million in outstanding fines.

"This amount is mainly owed by people who can afford to pay but are continuing to wrongly believe that they can act with impunity."

Vilakazi said most of these motorists were serial traffic offenders, which led to the establishment of a traffic management directorate called "Operation Jaws of Life". - Sapa



DATE: 26 / 08 / 2005

TIME: 7am - 11am

% Vehicles Speeding: Please consult your local authority

OVERVIEW:  A MOBILE LPR System was placed along the main road through Everton to determine vehicle speed. If a majority of vehicles are determined to be speeding, this matter would be taken forward to the appropriate authorities.

The AVERAGE SPEED VIOLATION DETERMINATION: Measures average speed based on a pair of CCTV cameras located several meters apart (the further the better). Each unit automatically captures the images, recognizes the plate, and reports the passing vehicles license plate. The recognition data is used by SeeCarSpeed, which matches the pairs and calculates the average speed by the time that passed traveling between the points.

Speeding vehicles that pass a threshold are listed, together with a pair of images of each point and additional information. 

RESULTS:  The number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit will be made available to the relevant authorities, who will release this data.

TOTAL No. of vehicles: 253

Vehicle with POSSIBLE outstanding warrants: 53

Please note: As the database is made up of a wide range of municipal data, it is not possible to say if this is a Durban or even KZN warrant.

The alarm is triggered via an AUDIO ALARM and a VISUAL FLASH on the PC screen.

NEXT STEP:  The security cameras would be installed on along the main road through Everton for a longer period of time. There would be a video camera that records traffic and a camera that records license plate numbers. Computer software with optical character recognition (OCR), comparable to what home computer-users use in their scanners, transcribes the license plate photo into data that can be checked against a database. If the check revealed a stolen car, a warrant for the registered owner of the vehicle, or if the registered owner were listed in the sex offender database, the police would be alerted.

"If a crime was committed in EVERTON and we had a description of a vehicle used and a time frame to check, we could review the video to find the vehicle matching the description and its license number". That would give us a lead to follow up on to determine if we can prove the persons using the vehicle were involved in a crime."

When a similar system was installed following a rash of expensive burglaries, it was met with mixed reviews. Some residents were grateful and appreciative that some kind of preventive action that could deter further incidents was being taken. Others complained about "big brother" and human rights violations. All acknowledged that whether we know it or not, we are the focus of cameras in most public places today.

Some people could be concerned about privacy, "but the law appears to be settled that there is no expectation of privacy on a public roadway. Put another way: We could station police officers to watch - or even videotape - all the vehicles coming and going. We could also check their license plate numbers. Obviously it would be expensive to do this with human resources. Now the technology involved has become available at a reasonable price to allow us to do this more efficiently. We do not intend to check the video or license records unless it is in conjunction with a specific criminal investigation,"

The bottom line is that no one should be doing anything that they aren't willing to have observed by members of the public.


Everton CPF

Duncan Bridal

House that provided the verge for the test.

All this who stopped and gave their support


Electronic toll payment device launches in fortnight
03 June 2007  By Nicola Cooke
A new toll tag to be launched in the next two weeks will be accepted on all motorways around the country.

It is the first compatible tag available to motorists and is expected to cut the costs of tolls. The National Roads Authority (NRA) is behind the initiative to introduce the compatible electronic transponder.The tags are being introduced following a pilot study involving 1,000 motorists who use two or more toll roads a day.

The device will be available from any toll operator, including National Toll Roads (NTR), Eurolink, Direct Route and Easytrip - a new market entrant. Easytrip does not currently control any tolls, but has garnered business in other countries by offering lower-priced tags and additional services, such as parking and fuel.

The transponder, which is fixed to a motoristís windscreen, communicates with the toll system via an infrared beam. The toll fee is automatically deducted from the motoristís account each time the vehicle passes through atoll barrier. The demand for the electronic tags is expected to increase significantly when barrier-free tolling is introduced on the M50ísWest Link bridge next year.

All roads and motorways built by Public Private Partnership are tolled. These include the M1/N1 Dundalk western bypass, the N4 from Kilcock to Kinnegad and the N8 Rathcormac/ Fermoy bypass. The West Link and East Link toll bridges in Dublin are operated by NTR. Last February, the government announced a Ä600 million buyout of NTRís contract to run the tolls there until 2020.

The government hopes the combination of barrier-free tolling, a third lane in each direction of the M50 and a free-flow interchange system at motorway junctions will relieve congestion.

Legislation is also being enacted so that motorists who donít pay electronic tolls can face court fines.




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