The I-CUBE Web site is packed with information on our 3 product lines, being IA, LPR and Facial solutions. I-CUBE invites you to explore the site and download the technical documentation, news items, photos, description of sample installations, system simulations and recognition demos.  If  you can not find what you are looking for, PLEASE send I-CUBE an e-mail, SMS, Fax, letter or give us a call (+27 31 764 3077 or + 27 82 562 8225), it would be our pleasure to assist.



 Image Analysis   I-CUBE provides customers in the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Materials, and Forensics fields a single source for imaging products, using a consultative selling approach. Imaging is our main business, not a sideline as with other CCTV & microscope dealers.



License Plate Recognition      Used for a  wide range of applications including Parking, Access Control, Logging all vehicles & alarm when Wanted Vehicles detected.   



Facial Identification & Verification Solutions: Complete solutions, Identification, Verification (linked to a PIN, CARD, car, or anything else) software only, SDK or rentals!

I-CUBE focuses exclusively on integrated, intelligent imaging, where a camera is connected to a PC and intelligently performs a decision based on information within an image, completely integrated into the existing processes. Currently the I-CUBE product line consists of both hardware and software in the image analysis (counting and sizing), facial identification and verification and License Plate Recognition.


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