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Location - Hillcrest, Durban City West, Durban, Durban and surrounds, Valley of a 1000 Hills, KwaZulu-Natal, N2, N3, South Africa
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Krantzkloof Nature Reserve - Site 9.3

Contact details:
Name of managers: Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (Warden: Johan Vermeulen) Physical address: 152 Kloof Falls Rd, Kloof, 3610
GPS coordinates: S 29 46' 19" E 30 49' 46
Telephone number: 031-764-3515
Email address:
Postal address: 152 Kloof Falls Rd , Kloof, 3610

Site Description:
Krantzkloof is a large and well-known reserve west of Durban in the suburb of Kloof, named after the deep gorges formed by the Molweni and Nqutu Rivers . It covers about 600 ha and rises in altitude from 140 m above sea level in the east to almost 500 m above sea level at the crests of the ridges.

The area is dominated by spectacular gorges densely vegetated in the valleys, with sheer cliff faces and more open grassland and Protea veld on the crests of the surrounding hills. The north-facing slopes tend to be dominated by dry mixed bushveld, including such trees as Scented Thorn Acacia nilotica , Sweet Thorn A. karroo , Marula Sclerocarya birrea , Common Wild Pear Dombeya rotundifolia and Tassel Berry Antidesma venosum .

Still quite common in the coastal scarp forest is the Forest Cycad Encephalartos villosus , while many specimens of the Natal Cycad E. natalensis grow on the rocky slopes and cliff faces. The forested valleys are richly endowed with flowering plants of many species, with the Streptocarpus family being particularly well represented. They are to be found clinging tightly to moist rocks, with fine flowering stems arising from two large leaves lying flat against the rocks. One of the larger species is named S. molweniensis after the Molweni River running through the gorge.

Birdlife is abundant in Krantzkloof, and many kinds of birds are represented, ranging from large raptors such as African Crowned Eagle, several pairs of which nest in the reserve, through the noisy and lively bulbuls and starlings, to the small and inconspicuous Collared Sunbirds and Green Twinspots. It is often easier to find Green Twinspots here than at most of the other reserves. Small family groups seem to consist mostly of sub-adults, some of which lack the spots on the belly and flanks. African Crowned Eagles prey heavily on the Rock Hyrax and Vervet Monkey Cercopithecus pygerythrus .

Much of the reserve is rugged and inaccessible, and is, consequently, undisturbed. Thus several shy and sensitive species have been found here in recent years such as Peregrine Falcon, Buff-spotted Flufftail and African Broadbill. Many of the forest species tend to forage quietly in the upper canopy and are easily overlooked. Such birds include Grey Cuckooshrike, Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler and Forest Canary.

Finally, it should be noted that the size of the reserve and the variety of the habitats present, as well as the range of altitudes, mean that many species have been recorded as vagrants, either passing through on migration or taking advantage of temporarily abundant food sources. Thus birders visiting the reserve must keep their eyes open for unusual species, including African Cuckoo Hawk, Sentinel Rock Thrush and Gurney's Sugarbird.

To get to the main entrance of the reserve, head west from Durban on the N3 and take the M13 via Pinetown. Just after the top of Field's Hill, take the Village Road exit and turn right at the T-junction and cross the highway. Continue along this road, turn right at the next T-junction, and then left over the railway. From here, follows the signs to Krantzkloof Nature Reserve along Kloof Falls Road . The reserve is under the control of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, and there are several entrances, with well laid out trails and several picnic sites. There is also an interpretive centre opposite the main picnic site on Bridle Road above the main falls. Access to some parts is unrestricted, but other parts, such as the picnic sites, are controlled to limit the number of visitors.

For a list of Birder Friendly Establishments and/ or a specialised birding itinerary in the area please contact Sue Anderson at Birdlife Travel on 082-777-7202 or email  

African Crowned Eagle , Collared Sunbird , Green Twinspot (Found easily in this reserve) , Peregrine Falcon , Buff-spotted Flufftail , African Broadbill , Grey Cuckooshrike , Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler , Forest Canary , African Cuckoo Hawk (Uncommon) , Sentinel Rock Thrush (Uncommon) , Gurney's Sugarbird , Lemon Dove , Spotted Ground-Thrush , Olive Woodpecker , Blue-Mantled Crested Flycatcher & Narina Trogon

The reserve is accessible by day visitors. Access to some parts is unrestricted, but other parts, such as the picnic sites, are controlled to limit the number of visitors. A nominal entrance fee is charged. There are well marked trails, picnic sites and an interpretive centre. A site map is available and guides are available on request. There is safe parking and toilet facilities are available. Restaurants can be found nearby.

Spectacular gorges densely vegetated , cliff faces , forested valleys are richly endowed with flowering plants , open grassland and Protea veld , dry mixed bushveld , coastal scarp forest and the Molweni River .





Online Quotes and Bookings
MADADENI B&B is based in the Kloof Gorge, cool and close to Hillcrest, just outside the heat of Durban. Come walk in our garden,enjoy the ducks and geese. Relax next to the pool in the forest environment.

We have 2 bedrooms,one room with a double bed and the other small room with a single bed. Limited band width internet access is available.

Security is of no concern, with your own CCTV system, controlled gates and of course the geese help too!
A kitchen allows you to prepare that picnic yourself or pop out to the shops to pick up a wonderful meal. Park your car in undercover parking.

General Details
  • Operated By : I-CUBE
  • Service Levels : BARRY at Madadeni Self Catering Accomidation will normally reply to enquiries in under one hour.
Local Attractions and Landmarks
Beach 25.0 km
Shopping 2.0 km
Pavillion 15.0 km
Hillcrest 5.0 km
PMB 50.0 km
Durban 15.0 km
Kloof Gorge 1.0 km
Everton 1.0 km
Pinetown 5.0 km
Check In\Out Times
Check in after 14:00
Check out before 11:00
Madadeni Self Catering Accomidation - B & B - Self Catering in Hillcrest, Durban City West, Durban, Durban and surrounds, Valley of a 1000 Hills, KwaZulu-Natal, N2, N3, South Africa

Madadeni Self Catering Accomidation - B & B - Self Catering in Hillcrest, Durban City West, Durban, Durban and surrounds, Valley of a 1000 Hills, KwaZulu-Natal, N2, N3, South Africa

  • Directions to Get There : N3 OUT OF DURBAN PAST THE PAV TAKE THE M13 (NOT THE TOLL ROAD) Drive up FIELDS HILLS Take the VILLAGE RD OFFRAMP BEFORE you get to the top of Fields Hill (1st village rd offramp) Turn Rht over the M13 at the circle turn left go straight past the school & shopping centre At the circle turn rht (BACK) and cross the bridge, turning left at the T Junction (church) turn left At the STOP STREET Turn RHT into KLOOF FALLS RD Follow for 2KM to no 82, on the left, just after the police station, just after Ronalds Rd If you cross the river at the bottom of the Klof Gorge, come back, Madadeni is just past the JUARA Centre.

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No more than 4 people can stay at MADADENI per night.

Valid from 31 October 07 - 30 November 08

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This nature resere is situated in Kloof, between Hillcrest and Pinetown, near Durban. With the Molweni River running through it, the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is a fine example of coastal forest and grasslands. Proclaimed in 1950, the reserve covers 600 hectares. Wildlife includes zebra, bushbuck, blue, red and grey duiker, vervet monkey,  

 rock hyrax, slender mongoose, white-tailed mongoose, egyptian mongoose, banded mongoose, water monitor and genet. Birdlife is abundant, with over 200 species on record. The reserve has an interesting variety of indigenous flora. 20 km of nature walks and two picnic sites are available. These atttractive picnic areas are located at Kloof Falls and 5 kms from the falls where the Nkutu stream crosses Valley Drive and both are equiped with barbecue facilities and ablutions. There are two view sites to take in the breathtaking beauty of Krantzkloof Gorge. An Activities Centre, equiped with basic conference facilities, is available for use by education groups and other parties. 


House to rent in KLOOF from Early 2008