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                                               Introduction          Intelligent transportation systems by I-Cube

The proposed solution is a sophisticated vision-based License Plate Recognition (LPR) system that identifies and tracks number plates on vehicles travelling at low to high speeds. The system can integrate multiple lanes and multiple cameras per lane on a single standard PC system.
This project is a showcase in world-class transportation planning and the development of comprehensive solutions for modern evolving cities.

Intelligent transportation systems
Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is a system of hardware, software and operators that allow better monitoring and control of traffic in order to optimize traffic flow. 
Benefits of video detection: A high detection rate and a very low false alarm frequency makes the proposed system highly reliable and a great help for traffic operators   The industrial set-up in a 19'' rack, with Video Image Processing (VIP) detectors, is compatible with both centralized and decentralized detection systems  State-of-the-art video detection algorithms perform under all weather and lighting conditions 
Open architecture makes it possible to integrate into existing traffic management systems without high costs 
Easy maintenance and a low overall lifetime cost  Easy to install, easy to adjust to changing traffic situations, easy to extend and easy to update to additional traffic requirements  Incident detection and alarms can be fine-tuned to meet customized application requirements 
Faster detection means a faster reaction and a better chance of preventing secondary incidents 

LPR: The Need for ANPR: As new technologies become available to Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) will become one of the first technologies likely to encounter as it increases efficiency manyfold
As the number of vehicles using the roads increases in a seemingly uncontrollable fashion, it becomes inevitable that any task requiring vehicles to be identified individually on the open road, can no longer be accomplished manually. The speed of vehicles and traffic density ensures that no human observer can read and note down number plates quickly enough to record all passing vehicles. Furthermore, the search for one particular vehicle from millions of vehicles of interest cannot be achieved manually. It automates a labour intensive task and is more accurate and reliable. 

LPR is a non-intrusive, computerised method of capturing a licence plate and comparing it to a database of registration numbers. LPR systems consist of one or more cameras, in this case Internet Protocol units designed for high-speed LPR, connected to a PC running LPR software, proprietary to I-Cube, which controls the system, reads the images, analyses and identifies the plates. This interfaces with a custom-developed average speed determination application and a database.  
‘Huge advantage'  “The ability to interface into multiple data sources in real-time gives the LPR system a huge advantage over current techniques. The minimum requirement for LPR would be an image, the I-Cube software and a processing system to provide the results,”

All about flexible image capture (using existing CCTV cameras where possible), IP cameras or hand held units or mobile systems linked to multiple, real-time databases.  Solution can be rented, purchased or provided as a cost per plate service

Value Proposition: Software only:
    <5 Lanes Cost per plate <17 Lanes
    47c > 100 000 cars 98c
    17c > 250 000 cars 42c
    3c > 500 000 cars 16c
    R1 949.08 3 Years @ 15% R3 983.02
    R976.52 5 Years @ 15% R1 940.71

Value Proposition: Software, PC, Link to Existing CCTV cameras:
    <5 Lanes Cost per plate <17 Lanes
    48c > 250 000 cars 73c
    19c > 500 000 cars 36c
    R2 630.19 5 Years @ 15% R3 918.04

Value Proposition: Cost per day
Includes: Software, PC, Link to Cameras, Set up and operation, reports.
Service fee @ R7 500.00 per day

Value Proposition: Total Solution
Due to site specific issues, including number of entrances, distances from gates and type of buildings not possible to provide a cost for a wireless camera solution linking all entrances to the LPR logging software.

Incident Management 
In the unfortunate event of an incident occurring, it is essential that recover, or medical or rescue services are promptly notified and all activities are well co-ordinated and the required protocols are adhered to. This discipline consisting of well defined protocols is referred to as Incident Management System (IMS). The required IMS protocols along the route must be developed with all stakeholders. The proposed technology is key in supporting and assisting with the co-ordination of all services to ensure effective notification, response and co-ordination of medical and rescue activities between the Central Communication Centre, the Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Rescue, the Route Traffic Inspectorate, the Police Services, heavy vehicle operators, towing operators, chemical spill clean-up companies, and other service providers. 
The IMS protocols not only includes Incident detection and notification to a regional Central Communication Centre but also manages the response by the emergency services to the scene of an incident, the on scene management, scene rehabilitation as well as incident debriefing with all roll-players. 

Traffic Slow  Each camera site can be linked to any other camera site, allowing vehicle average speed to be determined. When this speed is below a set limit, an alarm can be generated allowing possible corrective action.
The average speed can be determined and sent for real time display on the VMS

Traffic Queue: The digital software allows the traffic queue to be measured. Where multiple lanes exist, each traffic lane queue can be measured.

Vehicle Count
Each vehicle is captured and counted.

No license plate
Each vehicle is captured and counted, regardless of the presence of a plate.
The image can be used to alarm and pull the vehicle over.

Identify unsafe overtaking and other moving offences. Unsafe overtaking/barrier line offences lead to 17% of the deaths on our roads.


Each site would have a number of cameras (1 to 16), connected to a 19I rack via TCP/IP (Cat 5/6). The cameras MIGHT consist of:
-  dome camera which would cover MULTIPLE roads;
- high resolution (5 MB) IP cameras per road covering MULTIPLE lanes;
- EXISITNG cameras
The PC would run Windows 2000 or XP or Vista, with the I-Cube LPR software.
Each PC would require 8 GB of RAM, as much hard drive space as would be required for the number of days recording (suggested as 1 TB).
Each SITE would be connected to a central monitoring station via a 2 Mbps fibre optic link.

1 NVR 16 Channel LPR Package
LPR software for up to 16 Cameras

1 NVR Software
Versatile surveillance software for remote viewing, Instant playback
Base pack includes 4 camera channel, full support of IP cameras
Easiest to use, and fastest surveillance software for NETWORK VIDEO RECORDERS (NVR)
Megapixel Optimization- Megapixel cameras are the latest in cutting edge technology.
Surveillance software for up to 16 Cameras

1 Database remote update
1 Prosecution Software
1 Vehicle Counting
1 Average Speed Determination
1 Queue Determination
1 Stopped Traffic Option

8 Arecont Vision Day/Night Network Camera
5 Megapixel 1/2" Progressive Scan Colour CCD, 1.3 Megapixel Monochrome Progressive Scan CCD,
Real Time
Arecont Manual Iris Mega Pixel. 2/3" 12-100mm F1.4-16C
VideoWise Camera Housing (L375xH117x138W). Use with GL-208 Bracket
Medium Outdoor Aluminum Side Opening Housing, Concealed Cable Entry, Sun Shield, IP65, 
VideoWise Housing Bracket
Indoor / Outdoor Beige, Wall Mount, Cable Managed, 10kg (Use with GL618, GL-619 Housing)

4 Samsung Colour Speed Dome
22x Optical Zoom, High Speed, Ceiling Mount, 480Tvl, 0.01Lux, 3.6-79.2mm, 10 x Digital zoom, 
240deg/sec pan, 150deg/sec tilt, VMD, Alarm I/O 4/3, 128 Pre-Sets, PIP, S/N 52dB.
Samsung Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount Bracket for 120/220 Housings
Samsung Pole Mount Adaptor for SADT-100WM Bracket
Samsung Dome Housing
Outdoor Cylindrical Wall or Pendant Mount, IP66, Integrated Fan and Heater
Videowise Speed Dome Camera Power Supply
24Vac, 2Amp for Internal Speed Domes
AXIS 241S Video Server
Four Port, full frame-rate video server, based on Motion JPEG/MPEG4 video. Security package with 
IP filtering, HTTPS support, multi-level password protection, built-in video motion detection and 
Watch-dog functionality. Event management

2 4 U PC Rack, XP, 1 TB HD, 8 GB Mem, Qad core
19I, Raid 5, Redundant PS, Hot Swop HD, DVD 
1 0261-021 Axis 243Q Blade Video Server
High quality video at up to 25fps per channel, 4CIF per channel, Simultaneous MPEG4/MJPEG, VMD,
Alarm Management, PTZ Control, Hot Swap Blade. (Use with Axis 291 Server Rack, Max 3 Blades per
0267-002 Axis Rack Mount
Axis 291 1U, 19" Rack mount unit for 3 x Axis 243Q Blade units, Includes Alarm I/O, TCP/IP
Connection, PSU


1 Install of HW
1 Install of SW
1 Configuration of HW
1 Configuration of SW
1 Training

Intelligent transportation systems by I-Cube



Barry T. DUDLEY I-CUBE (I3 - Integrated, Intelligent, Imaging) 
(MBA {IT}; MSc {Image Analysis}; BSc {Brewing}; BSc Hons {Waste Technology})
 http://www.i-cube.co.za Cell: +27 (0) 82 562 8225
MADADENI PH +27 (0) 31 764-3077 
82 Kloof Falls Rd Fax 0866539659 
Kloof, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, 3610, South Africa 
E-mail: LPRAT I-Cube DOT co DOT za 


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