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50 plus Face Recognition Uses & Applications


June, 2000 - Wells Fargo has also committed to biometric technology and is using face recognition technology in what is known as one of the largest rollouts of biometrics to date.


July, 2000         Visionics Corporation announced that the State of Michigan’s Kent County has purchased a county-wide integrated facial recognition system that will be added to their existing mugshot imaging network.


July, 2000         Imagis Technologies Inc., announced the official launch and installation of CASINO-ID and its biometric Facial Recognition Software at Gateway Casinos Inc. in Canada. Gateway Casinos will install software licenses in all three of its locations in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. 


July, 2000         ImageWare Systems, Inc, announced that is has been selected to supply the State of New Jersey with an integrated digital mug shot system. It will be used to create digital arrest records for individuals being booked by the New Jersey State Police.


Sept. 2000        The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that is has awarded EDS and its consortium partners a contract to develop and install an automatic biometric border crossing system. The system will use Visionics FaceIt face recognition in addition to hand geometry biometric technology on a smart card platform to automate the border crossing process for workers that enter the country on a daily basis.


Oct., 2000         Visionics Corporation, a developer of face recognition technology, announced that MGM Grand Las Vegas, a subsidiary of MGM MIRAGE (NYSE: MGG) has adopted the FaceIt®- enabled Griffin G.O.L.D. casino security database system.   The Venetian and Bellagio had already announced their adoption of the product earlier this year.


Nov. , 2000        InnoVentry Corp. announced that it will sell 10 Cash Management Machines (CMMs) to North Fork Bank in New York. InnoVentry provides fee-based financial services to the mass market through advanced cash management machines that leverage Internet and biometric technologies. North Fork Bank agreed to purchase additional CMMs to be deployed at its bank and in-store branches, as well as off-site locations, throughout New York. The CMMs are unbranded versions of InnoVentry's RPM(TM) machines that offer secure check cashing, utilizing advanced facial recognition technology to identify the customer, eliminating the need for cards or personal identification numbers (PINs).


Nov., 2000         International Business Machines is to equip some of its laptop computers digital cameras, the company said this week, paving the way for the widespread use of face recognition technology.


Jan. 2001          InnoVentry Corp., which is developing financial services and information access machines using Internet and biometric technologies, achieved a major milestone in the final days of 2000 by surpassing $1 billion in cash disbursements to customers of its automated cash management machines.  InnoVentry launched its first cash management machine under the RPM(TM) brand in August 1999. Today the company has more than 850 machines located at major retail stores in 20 states. More than 1 million customers have enrolled to use the machines, and these customers have cashed more than 3.5 million checks. The RPM machines use advanced biometric facial recognition technology to identify a customer, which eliminates the need for cards or personal identification numbers (PINs).


Jan. 2001          Viisage Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: VISG), a leader in enabling e-commerce through face-recognition biometrics technology and in providing digital identification systems and solutions, announced that it has been awarded a contract amendment with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to upgrade its Digital Drivers' Licensing system.


Jan. 2001          eTrue, a biometric authentication service that is outsourced over the Internet, announced that it has launched the eTrue biometric logon service with its initial customer NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). NASA employees will use eTrue to access secure data on network servers from home. The eTrue Internet outsourcing service authenticates users for both Web and local network logon through multiple biometrics, such as face and fingerprint verification, providing 100% user authentication.



Feb. 2001          Viisage Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:VISG -), a provider of face-recognition biometric technology and in providing digital identification systems and solutions, announced that it has been awarded a contract by the Electoral Commission of Uganda to implement and maintain a turnkey face recognition system in support of Uganda's national elections. The system will support a database containing a minimum of 10 million images. The project requires that a digital image be acquired for every registered voter and validated for the purpose of eliminating duplicate registrations within the 10-million voter-registration database.


Feb. 2001          The Chino police department purchased Imagis's CABS Arrest and Booking software and Imagis's 1D-2000 biometric facial recognition software as part of an integrated system being provided to them by the West Covina Service Group.  This includes a fully integrated computer-aided dispatch system, records and mobile use for police cruisers. West Covina Service Group has tightly integrated CABS and 1D-2000 with its applications to aid in the identification of offenders. Chino police department is located in San Bernardino County, California, approximately 40 miles east of Los Angeles.


Feb. 2001          Casinos have used facial recognition technology for years as part of their never-ending quest to identify and catch cheaters. Three of Atlantic City's 12 casinos - Trump Marina, Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza - use it as part of their casino surveillance units.


Mar. 2001          Imagis Technologies Inc., (Imagis) a leading global software developer of biometric solutions announced today that Imagis and the West Covina Service Group will integrate their software to supply the Fullerton Police in Orange County, California with a complete law enforcement suite.  The Fullerton Police Department has purchased Imagis’ CABSTM Arrest & Booking software together with ID-2000TM biometric facial recognition software as part of an integrated system being provided to them by the West Covina Service Group.


Mar. 2001          Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNX), announced that one of the UK's leading civil construction firms, The O'Rourke Group, has installed a FaceIt(R)-enabled time and attendance system, designed by business partner Aurora Computer Services Ltd, into Grays, Essex, their main concrete production site. The FaceIt(R) component has already been integrated into O'Rourke's existing time and attendance units at Grays, Essex. In addition, the company intends to extend the application to their other large-scale job sites across the UK. The system supports the identification of the extensive number of contractors that are involved in any given project, and is particularly helpful in verifying the attendance of contractors on multi-job sites.


Mar 2001           The three gaming properties of Trump Taj Mahal Associates in New Jersey recently signed a three-year contract to utilize the technologically advanced products and services of Global Cash Access (GCA), a supplier of cash access, financial management and customer relationship marketing technologies to the gaming industry.  Much more than just a conventional ATM, the ACM is a web-based "smart ATM" that functions like a "virtual cashier" by using facial biometrics recognition technology to offer patrons a quick way to meet cash access and other entertainment needs in a single stop - without relying on the availability of cage operators.


Apr 2001           The O'Rourke Group, an English construction company that employs 2,500, unveiled a new system on Mar. 23 that verifies whether employees are on the job -- by using cameras that digitally recognize their faces. This facial-recognition system can even spot key staffers who might be at one of several job sites.


Apr 2001           Viisage Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: VISG), a provider of face recognition biometric technology and in providing digital identification systems and solutions, announced that it has been selected to design, develop and implement a new digital drivers' license system for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Department of Motor Vehicles. The initial four-year term of the project is valued at more than $8 million. Design and development of the system will begin immediately and will be deployed in 141 Issuing Offices throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky by January 1, 2002


Apr 2001           The Official Electronic Security Supplier for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Sensormatic Electronics Corp., will install hundreds of its most advanced dome security camera systems at key venues including the Olympic Village to provide overall event safety and athlete security. These cameras can magnify an image up to 176X, zooming in close enough to read the name on an athlete's helmet. In addition, the cameras are equipped with special built-in heaters, enabling them to withstand extreme temperatures. Dome cameras are just one part of Sensormatic's overall Olympic security installation, which will include biometric access control systems in high-security areas and anti-theft systems in retail venues.


Apr 2001           Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNX), a developer of identification technologies and systems, and its UK business partner, Dectel Security Ltd., announced today that Birmingham City Centre has integrated FaceIt® technology into its CCTV system.  The system is now being piloted by West Midlands Police as part of Operation Safer Streets, the long-term campaign to combat street crime across the region. 


May 2001          Automated, 24-hour check-cashing machines have sprouted up in supermarkets and convenience stores all over Tucson in the past year. Looking a bit like automated teller machines on steroids, the RPM check-cashing machines will, for a fee, cash payroll and government checks. San Francisco-based InnoVentry has placed the machines in every Albertson's and Fry's supermarket in Arizona, as well as in some Circle K, Texaco and Kmart stores. Hoping to cash in on the estimated 40 million American wage earners who don't use banks to cash their checks, InnoVentry has installed nearly 1,200 of the machines in 27 states. The machines use face-recognition software to ensure payroll checks are being cashed by the payees.


May 2001          Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNX), the worldwide leader in identification technologies and systems, announced today its FaceIt® technology has been selected by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, as a result of a new award to Printrak, A Motorola Company for its law enforcement identification solution, which includes the Imagetrak(TM) product.


May 2001          Visionics Corporation, a leader in identification technologies and systems, announced that the New South Wales Police Department in Australia has selected a FaceIt® enabled law enforcement management software system designed by business partner ImageWare Systems.  New South Wales Police Department is the largest in Australia, and is one of the largest police departments in the world.


June 2001         Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNX), a provider of identification technologies and systems, announced that Keflavik International Airport in Iceland has commenced the upgrade of its CCTV system with FaceIt® surveillance software. The FaceIt® upgrade coincides with the completion of a new terminal building, specifically designed to efficiently handle passengers entering into Iceland from within the European Union.


Sep 2001           Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNX), a developer of identification technologies and systems, announced its partner, ImageWare Systems, Inc., has been selected by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in California to provide its Crime Capture System(R), a digital booking system, and Face ID(R), a fully integrated facial recognition software product which utilizes Visionics' FaceIt(R) technology.


Sept, 2001         Imagis Technologies Inc. (“Imagis”), a leading biometric facial recognition company, reports that a number of U.S. government agencies and system integrators are advising the company that facial recognition will be used as the dominant new technology in airport security in the United States. In building on the success of its facial recognition installation at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Imagis will focus its development in providing technology for federal intelligence agencies, airports, airlines and related law enforcement entities to enhance air travel security.


Oct, 2001           Viisage Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:VISG), announced that it has teamed with Pelco, the world's largest -manufacturer of video security systems, to implement the first use of  face-recognition technology at a U.S. airport. The system became successfully operational at Fresno Yosemite International Airport on Friday, October 26th.


Dec. 2001         NEXUS Group International Inc.'s (TSE:NXS - news) AcSys Biometrics Corp. and Graphco Technologies (G-TEC®) partner to bring futuristic security and access control systems to The Manor at Yorktown, in Bucks County Pennsylvania. This $800,000 project allows twenty-four hour security to be achieved at the complex through G-TEC's proprietary voice technology and AcSys Biometrics' Face Recognition System (FRS) application. Apartment doors open when a resident simply states any phrase through VoicePass®, G-TEC's speaker identification program. FaceTrac®, integrating AcSys FRS facial recognition software, adds a further layer of security.


Jan. 2002           Imagis Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: IGSTF; CDNX: NAB; Germany: IGY) ("Imagis") announced that the Uks National Crime Squad ("NCS") has purchased a biometric facial recognition solution based on Imagis' ID-2000(TM) software, through Serco Plc ("Serco"), an international provider of management services to government and a business partner of Imagis.


Jan. 2002           Viisage Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: VISG), a provider of face-recognition technology and identification systems and solutions, announced that it has installed the first, fully operational facial recognition screening system in Florida at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport. 


Feb. 2002          Some of the major organizations utilizing Facial recognition include:

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – U.S.A
State Department Consular Systems Division/Logicon Inc. – U.S.A
National Institute of Justice – U.S.A
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency / NIST – U.S.A
National Institute of Justice/ANSER – U.S.A
Army Research Laboratory – U.S.A
Newham Emergency and Security Services Department - Borough of Newham, United Kingdom
Mexican Voter Registration System
State of West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles – U.S.A
NJ State Police Mugshot System – U.S.A
State of Arizona - Statewide mugshot/booking system – U.S.A
New York City Police - Averaging in excess of 1,000 mugshots per day
Los Angeles County Sheriff
San Diego Police Department
United States Air Force OSI
Naval Criminal Investigative Service – U.S.A
Chicago Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Illinois State Police
Hennepin County, MN Sheriff – U.S.A
Indianapolis Police Department
Maryland State Police
Baton Rouge Police Department
Pierce County, WA Sheriff
Orange County, FL Sheriff
San Antonio, TX Police Department
Montreal Urban Community Police Department, Canada
Country of Kuwait
Immigration and Naturalization Services - Washington DC, USA.
Israeli Border Crossing System
U.S. Army
Department of Defense - Arlington, VA USA
National Security Agency - Ft. Meade, MD USA
Pentagon’s Office of Secretary of Defense/Army Research Lab - Washington, DC, USA/Adelphi, MD
General Services Administrations’ Smart Card Laboratory - Washington, DC, USA
U.K. Government Testing (Communications Electronics Security Group
National Physical Laboratory) -Teddington, London, U.K.


Mar 2002           Imagis Technologies Inc. ("Imagis"), developer and marketer of advanced biometric facial recognition software, is announced that Imagis' premier law enforcement software, the CABS Computerized Arrest and Booking System, has been purchased by an additional four Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachments.

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I-Cube.   All rights reserved.  Revised: February 18, 2008 .