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A new system is now available that measures average Highway speed based on a pair of LPR units, and issues a speeding ticket or directly informs the road user.
The LPR cameras are to be installed at
VARIOUS PLACES IN SA on bridges above traffic lanes in sites that are located about 10 KM kilometers apart. Each unit automatically captures the images, recognizes the plate, and reports the passing vehicles license plate. The recognition data is reported by messages through TCP/IP network to a Central computer (using SeeData). In the Central computer a special Client application (SeeCarSpeed) matches the pairs and calculates the average speed by the time that passed traveling between the points.

Speeding vehicles that pass a threshold are listed, together with a pair of images of each point and additional information. The violation can also be printed showing the violation details and pictures.

Do you want to contribute to this project?  Can you help?

Please contact ASD at I-Cube dot co dot za if you would like to be involved with this project.


RACK MOUNTED P4, 3.4GHz, 2048MB RAM, Windows XP (3x)


Electronic Display

Digital Video Recorder

UPS 8 KVA 2hrs Backup 

Video cameras and DVR for on site security & installation

Tsohle Unicode STOLEN CARS DATABASE link

COMMUNICATIONS: Digi net lines; Wireless link to Lap Top for stolen car ID



I-Cube (www.I-Cube.co.za)

Sure Park Systems (www.sureparksystems.co.za)

Mikros Traffic Monitoring 




  This is available on a simulation; contact us for details.

This LPR-based speed measurement system has several advantages over other techniques: the violation detection is not based on a singular point (as most other methods do) but rather on the length of the route, so it slows down the traffic along the entire route rather than in specific points which are quickly known to drivers. Additional advantages: the system is automatic and easy to set up; the system provides the evidence in images; it covers all lanes and operates 24 hours (using invisible Infra-Red illumination).

The system can also be connected to roadside Traffic signs that can alert the drivers in real time on their speeding violation.

If you would like to see the images the digital cameras capture of the cars, please download and run the PLAYER .EXE file below.  This will show you the images and the LPR system performing recogtinion on these images.  

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition for a wide range of applications including Parking, Access Control, Logging all vehicles & alarm when Wanted Vehicles detected.   

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