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The ability to successfully integrate facial recognition, license plate recognition or counting and sizing into a traditional surveillance operation has the ability to propel the organisation into a new paradigm and has substantial long-term benefits.

With all technology implementations the utilisation of an internal champion allows the full benefit of advanced, 3D technology to be obtained, quickly and without the usual costly implementation issues.

BARRY DUDLEY would like to offer his services as the internal champion with an existing technology limited company. 

Barry Dudley is currently employed by I-Cube, which he founded in 2003.  I-CUBE focuses exclusively on integrated, intelligent imaging, where a camera is connected to a PC and intelligently performs a decision based on information within an image, completely integrated into the existing processes.

Currently the I-CUBE product line consists of both hardware and software in the License Plate Recognition, image analysis (counting and sizing), facial identification and verification areas.

 With many sites in South Africa, the I-Cube LPR system is the leading software solution.  I-Cube was the first company in Africa to implement real time (sub second), high speed (over 175 KM /H), multi-lane LPR solution in a free flow environment, incorporating average speed determination (on an average 35 000 vehicles a day).


Click here to: download a PDF version of Barry T. Dudley CV

Barry Dudley (MBA {IT}; MSc {Image Analysis}; BSc {Brewing};  BSc Hons {Waste Technology}) is MD of I-CUBE and technical director of ASDI-CUBE focuses exclusively on integrated, intelligent imaging, where a camera is connected to a PC and intelligently performs a decision based on information within an image, completely integrated into the existing processes. Currently the I-CUBE product line consists of image analysis (counting and sizing), facial identification and verification and License Plate Recognition.   ASD, an innovative electronic solution provider  of License Plate Recognition for parking management and Automatic Speed Determination was established in 1999 as a Black Economic Empowerment company. 

Before starting I-Cube in 2003, Barry was with Intervid for over 3 years, a digital imaging solutions company, as development manager. Intervid creates a world where digital images are converted into information and instantly analysed, triggering full scale alerts in accordance with best practice criteria, agreed long before a crisis arises. Intervid’s digital visual management systems have revolutionized standards and procedures in surveillance security, safety, change monitoring and production.

Studying for a MBA (University of Natal, 2003) has increased Barry’s understanding of the cycle of business development as viewed from an imaging aspect, which focuses on the application of digital imaging solutions within specific industries.  Barry now utilises his experience in digital video recorders (real time applications), biometrics, (face and iris recognition), license plate recognition and machine vision (image analysis),  in creating custom security and process solutions.  Barry combines his MBA experience with knowledge of technical security solutions to create customised client solutions.   

 Barry joined Intervid from the USA, starting out with the R&D department, moving then to sales, customer relations and my last position was with Intervid International as a demonstration specialist.  This consists of meeting the prospective clients, listening to their security challenges and linking that with live examples to Intervid’s wide range of imaging solutions.   

 Prior to being head hunted to Intervid Barry worked as an Imaging consultant for 2 years at Integrated Imaging Inc. (I-CUBE), a small technology company (5 employees) with gross annual revenues just over $1 million, based out of Maryland (near Washington, DC), USA.   I-Cube specializes in computer image analysis and processing, especially for scientific and industrial applications such as microscopy, industrial inspection, security, providing integrated computer hardware and software.

 Before going to the US and into his chosen field of image analysis Barry took a break from his studies and worked for 2 year at one of the top game lodges in the world, Mala Mala Game Reserve.  This developed his communication skills and his love for nature.  Barry was a ranger for a year, interacting with people from all over the world, and then became a manager for a year of first Harry’s, then Kirkman’s Kamps (with staff compliments of 15 and 25 people).

 Barry attended the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, completing a M.S. thesis (Cum Lauda) in Microbiology (April 1999).  Barry has been fortunate to be awarded multiple awards / bursaries & scholarships, of which the most influential was a bursary (R50 000) from South African Breweries (SAB) (1988 - 1990), as it had a working component which enabled him to combine realistic and pertinent work experience while still being at university. 


Personal Particulars:

 Surname                                   : Dudley

First names                               : Barry Thomas

Date of birth                             : September 1969

Place                                        : Cape Town

Contact No.                             : (27) 082 562 8225

Contact E-Mail             : btdudley at I-Cube dot co dot za



 In I-Cube I can utilise my experience in digital video recorders (real time applications), biometrics, (face and iris recognition), license plate recognition and machine vision (image analysis) in creating custom security and process solutions.  With I-Cube I can combine my MBA experience with my knowledge of technical security solutions to create customised client solutions. 


 Barry has completed an MBA at the University of Natal, speciality: IT Information Management & E-Commerce.  The MBA dissertation, Casino Exclusion Technique Exploration - Framework Development, examines the possible solutions to excluding problem gamblers from SA casinos.  To obtain a copy of this please e-mail mailto:mba at I-Cube dot co dot za.

 Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (2002, UND) (management, economics, information systems, marketing, accounting, labour relations, and finance)


University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Republic of South Africa – M.S. thesis (Cum Laude) in Microbiology (April 1999).  Thesis Title: “Application of Image Analysis in Microecophysiology Research: Methodology Development.”  

Work Experience:

 Barry worked for Intervid from May 2000 to November 2003 in a wide range of positions relating to technical sales support, specializing in real time digital recording (for the casino industry), biometrics (face recognition) and license plate recognition


A.  Scientific and technical positions

 Feb 1999 to April 2000                     MD, USA        -           Imaging Specialist.

In-house expert on all imaging software packages (Image-Pro, Gel-Pro, Fluoro Pro; Scope Pro; Materials Pro, XCAP, Vision Gauge, HLImage, Electroimages).

 Pre-sales: Evaluate customer applications and determine which package is the most appropriate.  On-site customer demonstrations including interfacing to customer equipment.

 Post-sales:  Install, configure, and test systems and will meet customer expectations.

Point of contact for post shipment support questions from customers.

Customer on-site set-up, integration, training, and service calls.

Maintain copies of software packages including modules, capture drivers, etc. 

Cameras: Video input types, digital cameras, triggering, on-chip integration, etc.

 Frame grabbers:  PCI, ISA, AGP, sequence capture to system memory or hard disk, camera interfacing, TWAIN, etc.                                                     

Lenses and optics;

Standard functions: image capture, file format support, image enhancement, spatial filtering, image measurement, particle counting/sizing, etc.

 1992-95           Electron Microscope Unit     South Africa Image Analysis Consultant

 For three years, Barry worked as an Image Analysis Consultant advising scientists in the application, preparation and utilization of image analysis.  This position required in depth knowledge and experience with computer applications, which was developed with Visual Basic in a Windows environment.  This experience includes knowledge of:

  *      developing macros in a visual basic environment;

  *      dealing extensively with scientists to determine program development;

  *      linking different camera's and microscopes;

  *      detailed image analysis and processing.

 B.  Other Employment

 1996-98           Mala Mala Game Reserve,     South Africa Ranger and Camp Manager

1994                Hilton College,                          South Africa Biology Teacher (A-level)

1993                University of Natal,                               South Africa Microbiology Lecturer


 Institute of Waste Management (IWM) 1992 for study in a Masters of Waste Technology (R8000).  The award was again achieved in 1993.


 International Centre for Waste Technology (Africa) for MSc study in 1992 and 1993 (R25 000 per year).

Foundation for Research and Development (FRD) for MSc study at PMB university in 1992 and 1993 (R 8000).

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) (1991) (full tuition and spending money), towards Honours in Waste Technology (Microbiology).  


 South African Breweries (SAB) towards a degree in microbiology (1988 - 1990) (R50 000). 


            A.  Refereed Journals

                        Invited and Published

            B.T. Dudley, C.A. du Plessis and E. Senior.  “Managing leachate in landfills through manipulation of soil cappings: Image analysis studies”, Binary - Computers in Microbiology, Vol 6, 120-127. (1994)

                         Submitted and Published

            B.T. Dudley, A.R. Howgrave-Graham, A.G. Bruton and F.M. Wallis.  “The application of digital image analysis to quantifying and measuring UASB digester granules”,  Biotechnology & Bioengineering. 42, 279 - 283.  (1993)

            B. T. Dudley, A. R. Howgrave-Graham, H. Isherwood and E. Senior.  “Laboratory-scale UASB digesters (with/without conditioning tank and recycle): efficacy to treat increased hydraulic loads”,  Water SA. 19, 313 - 318.  (1993) 

            B.  Papers Presented at Professional Meetings

                        Invited and Published

            B.T. Dudley, C.A. du Plessis and E. Senior.  “Managing leachate in landfills through manipulation of soil cappings: Image analysis studies.  Image Analysis of Microbes in Their Habitats”.  Society for General Microbiology Meeting on Image Analysis at Warwick, United Kingdom, 5 - 7 January 1994.

                        Submitted and Published

            B. T. Dudley, E. Senior,  A. G. Bruton  and  F. M. Wallis.  “Image analysis methodology development for use in microecophysiology studies of microbial associations in landfill cover soil”.  Seventh International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion, Cape Town, 23 - 27 January.  (1994)





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