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Expression of Interest for ACSA - ACSA intends installing a Vehicle Management System (VMS)

in the new multi-storey parkade PDF of full proposal (300 KB)

The simple deployment of licence plate recognition technology is what is being suggested. This will enable each vehicle to be recorded as it enters the facility as the vehicle travels over the trigger to generate the issuing of the ticket, or the pressing of the button to initiate the same. The event will then trigger the capture of an image of the front (and possibly the rear as well) of the car. This image will then be analysed and the licence plate number could then be written onto the magnetic strip on the ticket that currently records the date and time. A copy of the image would then be stored for future reference if required.

Cameras could be deployed at the entry and exit to each level which would also assist in providing feedback to a client should they forget where they parked (but this may be too much at this time).

 Prepaid, rental returns, staff, etc could all be entered into the database to determine appropriate authorization for access to certain designated areas. This will allow for the acceptance of rental cars through a main entrance and guidance to rental returns. (A number of options exist here.) An accurate and auditable record of all vehicles entering and leaving will then be kept and counters maintained accordingly.

Recording of info per level can be achieved with simple counter technology that can be consolidated to ensure correctness. This can all be achieved. A display board per level can be provided to help with identifying availability of bays. Additionally a board could be used to direct a driver to an appropriate level.

 Additionally, an image of the driver could also be taken at the time of ticket issue and exit to keep an auditable record of who left with the vehicle.

 A “hot-list” of vehicles from the Police services could also be included and security personnel alerted when a “hot” vehicle is identified. This can be done without personnel intervention and will avoid collusion and syndication. This service would be most useful to aiding the police in dealing with crime.

 The reputation of this technology has been sullied over the years due to a few factors, namely:

-          poor implementation due to lack of consideration of environmental conditions (sun position, etc.)

-          software has not been mature enough to handle the anomalies (different fonts, different configurations, personalized plates, etc.)

-          inadequate hardware to handle specific conditions

 It is important to note that with careful consideration of the placement and operation of the technology, the accuracy levels attainable are significantly better than very good. The technology available prior to specific customization for the specific environment typically returns accuracy levels in excess of 97% (including consideration of plates obscured by bull-bars and tow-bars, damaged plates, missing plates). With proper calibration this number can be improved upon to provide over 99% accuracy for fully visible plates.

 The console for running this system would typically provide the following visuals during normal operation:

The log kept of the transactions and is typically seen as indicated below:

The License Plate Recognition system operates in the manner indicated below: -

-          Vehicle triggers image capture via a loop on the road or pressing button requesting ticket

-          Image capture by a high resolution camera

-          The license plate is then identified in the captured image;

-          License plate number reading at an accuracy over 99.95% (with multiple cameras used in stereo)

-          (Linking of the license plate with car colour and shape - if required)

-          Linking of license plate number with a name and the number of parking bays available, and where available and display of this information on ELECTRONIC DISPLAY when the vehicle is detected

-          Log of number and image of all vehicles and driver who enter and exit the facility

-          Image capture of the person from a high resolution colour camera

 This solution enables:

-          Improved productivity

-          Greater security control with less opportunity for vehicle theft

-          Less opportunity for people to fraudulently handle parking payments

-          Greater communication with clients resulting in increased customer satisfaction

-          Greater auditable information to better understand requirements and ability to link requirements to flight schedules, etc.

-          Increased revenue opportunity from Car Rental companies for vehicle monitoring service

PDF of full proposal (300 KB)



ACSYS BIOMETRICS PRESENTATION (11 MB ZIPPED FILE - Please Contact Barry Dudley for this file on images at I-Cube dot co dot za )


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Our Web site is packed with information on our product lines. We invite you to explore the site and download the technical documentation, news items, photos, description of sample installations, system simulations and recognition demos. 


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