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Changing South African Drivers habits with immediate FEEDBACK via MONITORING with LPR (License Plate Recognition)


South African drivers, among the worlds worst, are notoriously resilient to change, especially when that change is enforced by a big stick (a fine), weeks after the actual transgression, be that for speeding, riding in the yellow line, dangerous driving or any other diving related event.  I-Cube (Integrated, Intelligent, Imaging) proposes installing LPR systems along the National Road network, which will have a wide range of applications, including curbing speeding, dangerous driving, notification of outstanding warrents, notification of expired licenses, stolen vehicle and more.

South Africa's road safety rate, ranks as the fourth worst in the world
The costs of traffic collisions in South Africa is approximately R16 billion per year. Road accidents will rank as the world's third greatest public health problem by 2020, superseded only by AIDS and tobacco related illnesses.
14,560 people are killed on South African roads a year (40 per day)
620 000 crashes per year (1698 per day)
38 000 serious injuries per year (104 per day)
84 000 less serious injuries per year (230 per day)
A person is killed every 48 minutes
An accident occurs every 4 seconds


I-Cube (Integrated, Intelligent, Imaging) proposes installing cameras along dangerous sections of the National Road network, which will calculate vehicle speed and display this information to the driver, giving immediate feedback to the driver, allowing instantaneous corrective action to be taken, saving lives.


 “Statistics show that after drivers see a traffic officer their behaviour on the road improves for 17 to 19 minutes. The biggest factor in the deaths on our roads is that there are not enough traffic officials,” says Johan Jonck from arrivealive.co.za, an independent website focusing on road safety issues.


I-Cube would like to propose that portable LPR systems (cameras attached to a computer and a driver feedback screen) be provided to municipalities for use on known dangerous roads. 


Moira Winslow from lobby group Drive Alive agrees. “There are insufficient numbers of traffic officers out on the roads. If road deaths are to

come down then we need to have more visible traffic policing,” says Winslow.


The portable LPR systems, which would be used to ID stolen cars, inform drivers of outstanding warrants and log all vehicles (for later review if required) would be operated by non-profit associations, who would use unemployed people to manage the system.


“the Transport Department has recognized the importance of backing up the Arrive Alive communication campaign with sufficient law enforcement.

We must have maximum traffic police visibility and maximum law enforcement. Law enforcement and law compliance go hand in hand,” says Transport Minister Dullah Omar.


The wide range of uses of LPR systems, combined with the innovative funding sources proposed, means a method to reduce the terrible fatalities that occur on South Africa’s road is possible. 


Fatalities per 100-million vehicle kilometres travelled in South Africa:
1992 10,4 -- Source: AA Old Mutual Annual Traffic Safety Audit: 1992
1998 6,9 -- Source: AA Old Mutual Annual Traffic Safety Audit: 1998
2004 10,2 -- Source: South African Department of Transport

The United States Department of Transport currently gives the US fatalities per 100-million kilometres as 0,91 — this makes it more than 11 times safer to drive in the US than in South Africa.

The LPR solution can detect license plates from stationary to speeds of 160 KM/H.  While an image is worth a thousand words it is the creation of information from the stream of data that creates the ROI!  The data (license plate, driver, owner, trucking company, lane, number of trips, average speed, etc.) is linked to the images and made available where and when required (SMS - possibly to the driver), e-mail (to the vehicle owner), web server (so any discrepancies can be resolved online immediately), audio and video alarm to security (if any stolen vehicles are detected). The system doubles as a Vehicle Management System, and since it’s an “open architecture system,” other compatible systems can be incorporated into the system.


If you would further information on LPR or see a demo of the LPR system proposed by I-CUBE, or provide assistance in implementing the LPR system as proposed, please contact Barry T. Dudley on 082 562 8225 or 031 764 3077 or LPR@I-Cube.co.za or Fax 0866539659     



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