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            1.  Service’s offered by I-Cube 

I-Cube will design, consult, test and evaluate your requirements in order to select the best system for you.  We are not vender specific and will not push a specific product, regardless of your issues being faced. 


               1.1.    Security Audits:


On Site Security Audit Covering:

·         Physical Security

·         Access Control & Access Control Systems

·         Perimeter Protection

·         Lighting

·         Materials Handling and Control

·         Key Control

·         Emergency Planning & Procedures

·         Protection of Equipment i.e. Computers etc

·         Information Protection & Handling


1.2.    Risk Evaluation/Analysis:


Involves a complete evaluation with a subsequent analysis providing a risk profile of the company i.e. Process and crime.


1.3.   Vulnerability Profiling & Measuring:


Compiling a vulnerability profile on the Company and through constant measuring design methods and measures to reduce the vulnerability of the Company due to identified risks, threats etc that have an impact on the Company.



1.4.    Designing Security Systems and Strategies:

Design and implement a turnkey security system to suit your company and put strategies in place to counter threats and risks.


1.5.    Security Master Planning:


Design a master plan for security to fit in with the overall strategic plan for the company with regard to short and long term goals, projects etc.


1.6.      CCTV System Designing:


Design, installing, maintaining and managing of a total CCTV System for your company in order to combat crime, identify process risks, monitor breakdowns and detect Health and Safety transgressions. This includes selection and training of CCTV Control Room Personnel (See 2.7)


1.7.    Management Supervisory Service (Consultancy):


Provide under contract a monthly supervisory/consultancy service to monitor the security service, provide guidance on shortcomings detected and liaise with management.


The Consultancy Service includes amongst other the following:


·         Three (3) by one day monthly site visits to conduct audits, risk evaluations etc.

·         On site training and skills transfers

·         Vendor Screenings

·         Benchmarking against industry norms


The Consultancy fee is negotiable and additional services required will be in the form of written quotations and will be subject to approval before execution


2.        Other services that could be provided at additional costs:


2.1.   Personnel Screenings -  Credit & Criminal


2.2.   Polygraph


2.3.   Vendor Screening (Veri Screen)


2.3.1       Vendor Screening encompass the screening of suppliers by means of a scientifically designed computer program and includes the physical visit to the suppliers premises to ensure  he is capable to provide the service which he tenders for. It is also an integrity check to ensure that the mine/company deals with a supplier of reputable standing and integrity. 


This takes the burden of checking on vendors off the mine/company’s shoulders and ensures that the mine/company only deals with reputable suppliers.


It could also, on request, include the checking on equipment sent away for repairs to ensure that the work quoted for, is carried out correctly.  Items sent away for repairs and which is outstanding for a long period could be traced and returned to the company.

2.4.    Quality management (ISO 9100-2000)


2.5.   Criminal Investigation


Depending on the requirements from client management this involves the following stages:

·         Inception Phase

·         Full Investigation – Gathering of information, obtaining statements etc.

·         Arresting phase

·         Bringing the accused to court/Disciplinary Hearing

·         Finalizing the case with a subsequent report to the client


2.6.    Project Design & Control:


Any large security project that needs extensive planning, designs and control.


2.7.   Selection and Training of CCTV Control Room Operators:


Selection and training of CCTV Control Room Operators based on the scientifically designed SAMAE System of Dr Craig Donald, renowned Industrial Psychologist.


2.8    Computer Forensic Auditing:


 Establish through scientific auditing the vulnerability of your total I T System.


3.            Knowledge and Experience:


The company has twenty six (26) years experience in the Security Field. (Goldfields Security - Mining and Contract).The expertise of the Company is in possession of a  Diploma in Security Management (UP) and National Diploma in Security Management (Technicon SA). The company has been involved in the following projects recently: 


·          Designing security and security systems for a new shaft project near Rustenburg (2003).

·          Designing security and security systems for the Gold Fields Rose Project  

 Carletonville (2003).

·          Consulting on security and protection of four (4) exploration sites in the DRC, for   

       a Canadian Exploration Company (2004).

·          Designing  a CCTV System for the Gold Plant  near Gravelotte (2004).

·          Full Security Audit at a gold mine near Westonaria to establish shortcomings,

·          recommend improvement and provide a Consultancy Service (2004).

·         Installation of a cctv SYSTEM IN THE GOLD PLANTS OF A GOLD MINE NEAR Barberton. It also involves the provision of a Consultancy Service  (2004).



NOTE:  The benefit of the consultancy  service is that it is rendered on site with a minimum of man-hours lost.










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