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May 15, 2002

Facial-Recognition Solutions Roundup

Facial-recognition biometric technologies are becoming more and more popular as a way to verify and identify individuals for secure physical and logical access. But they also serve as a way to pick a face out of a crowd, an invaluable tool when searching for wanted criminals, runaway children, and other individuals who might otherwise be needles in a haystack.

Many of today's image acquisition and recognition technologies and systems can zero in on faces from live video feed and still photographs, and can then perform one-to-one or one-to-many searches through a database of faces, searching for a match. Solutions offer a vast array of options for storing enrollment templates locally or across a network, and verification and identification techniques take no more than a few seconds.

This roundup should serve as a starting point as you research facial-recognition biometric solutions, and includes information on technologies and algorithms for performing recognition, systems and software that offer identification and verification, and software that enables database searching and comparison. Many technology vendors also offer software development kits allowing developers to create their own applications and systems. This roundup is in no way a comprehensive guide, and we were not able to include every company in this space. If your company was not included in this guide, feel free to e-mail Laura Guevin with information for future roundups.

AcSys FRS product line
AcSys Biometrics Corp.
399 Pearl St.
Burlington, ON
L7R 2M8 Canada
Contact: Ashley Kelly
877-842-7687 x28

The AcSys FRS product line is based on the companys Holographic Neural Technology (HneT) technology, which is modeled on the workings of the human brain. The technology defines how single neuron cells are capable of learning stimulus-response memories in real time, and enables a synthetic neuron cell to learn tens of thousands of stimulus-response memories in less than a minute, and respond to tens of thousands of stimulus patterns in less than a second.

The technology has been used in the AcSys FRS Entry product, an access control solution that learns individuals faces each time they pass through, adjusting for seasonal changes, aging, and variations in cosmetics. The AcSys FRS Logon IT security product replaces passwords with users faces for the Windows logon process, while the AcSys FRS CoLo product controls access to servers at the cabinet level. It logs all access attempts along with the images of the user or suspected intruder, and supports one-to-one verification and one-to-many identification.

SecureIDent Products
BioDentity Systems Corporation
160 Michael Cowpland Dr.
Ottawa, ON Canada K2M 1P6
613-270 9822

The BioDentity family of SecureIDent products encompasses everything from hardware to middleware to specialized application software. The PreProcessor offers comprehensive facial capture and image recognition support regardless of lighting and other environmental factors. It separates the facial image from the background for easy processing of information, and automatically tracks, zooms, and captures anyone within a three-dimensional plane.

The SecureIDent PreProcessor offers onboard processing, and can provide front-end enhancement to any other facial-recognition system or application. Other offerings in the family include the SecurIDent Face Recognition Controller, which is the primary interface between the PreProcessors and the rest of the application; the SecurIDent Photo Enrolment System, which automatically optimizes all images to create a high-quality database; and the SecurIDent Search Engines, which compare biographical or face biometric details, or a combination of the two, against very large databases.

Single Sign-On
BioID America Inc.
920 Main Campus Dr., Ste. 100
Raleigh, NC 27606
866 GoBioID

BioIDs Single Sign-On (SSO) technology offers the ability to analyze face, voice, and lip movement simultaneously, and requires only a standard USB camera and microphone for implementation. Users look into the camera and speak a phrase for verification, offering a single ID for signing on to applications or gaining access to an area.

The solution can be integrated with the BioID Face Database, which allows researchers to compare the quality of their face detection algorithms with others. The BioID dataset features 1,521 gray level images showing a frontal view of a face of one out of 23 different test persons. Images are stored in single files using portable graymap (pgm) data format.

Cognitec AG
1018 Hemlock St.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

The FaceVACS-Logon system offers automatic facial identification, and may be combined with the input of a password. It may be integrated with conventional access control or time and attendance systems, and a combination with card terminals is possible for high-security areas. Users faces are captured by video camera, and image-processing algorithms extract a feature set from the digitized image, which the software compares to the users reference set, stored on the computer.

Features of the system include flexible operating modes, which enable it to be used as a stand-alone facial-recognition solution or in combination with a password, and facial recognition is performed at logon, to unlock the screen lock and screen saver. Other features include a morphing editor for the built-in screen saver, standard Webcam support, and support of Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Me.

Graphco Technologies, Inc.
41 University Dr., Ste. 205
Newtown, PA 18940

The FaceTrac facial-recognition system is geared toward law enforcement and private security agents, and offers image capture, comparison against images in a database, and matching of images. This open system can enhance existing surveillance installations, and can incorporate facial-recognition engine components from leading vendors like Viisage, Visionics, and AcSys Biometrics.

The system is part of the Bastille product family, which is centered on a highly secure, criminal intelligence information sharing system. The solution aggregates, disseminates, and secures case information among member law enforcement agencies, and makes all member PCs points of access for law enforcement data and communications. FaceTrac can match the facial geometry of an individual against suspects portraits in the Bastille database.

True ID
Identico Systems
15 Charron Ave.
Nashua, NH 03063

The True ID services from Identico offer real-time image verification to protect businesses and consumers from identity-based fraud. Services may be integrated into most existing transaction processing systems, and works by electronically scanning a customers photo ID. Data is encrypted and transmitted to an Identico database, and it is stored and mapped to the customers financial payment and transaction data there. The customers image is then securely transmitted to the point of service during the next transaction for instant identity verification.

Features include strong encryption technology to protect the entire ID collection and storage process, and images may only be decrypted and displayed at the point of service. The service also offers innovative data collection and receipt retrieval procedures to deter chargeback and return frauds, while internal transaction frauds may also be reduced through secure employee sign-on procedures.

Face ID
ImageWare Systems, Inc.
10883 Thornmint Rd.
San Diego, CA 92127

ImageWares Face ID facial-recognition program is aimed at law enforcement officials, and enhances their ability to identify suspects. The system uses biometrics in combination with parallel processing to identify suspects through a mathematical formula that uses the eyes as a reference point. The formula generates a data record representing the face, which is used to compare against a digital database of enrolled images.

Images from scanned photographs, mugshots, suspect composites, or video surveillance may be queried using the program, and millions of images may be searched to identify unknown suspects, as well as criminals with multiple aliases. The recognition program is resistant to changes in facial expression, hairstyles, disguises, lighting, and pose variations of up to 35 degrees in all directions. It may be used with ImageWares Crime Capture System or another photo database for comparison, and can also interface directly with ImageWares Suspect ID composite software to search for matches.

Imagis Technologies Inc.
1075 West Georgia St.
Ste. 1300
Vancouver, BC Canada V6E 3C9

Using more than 200 facial descriptors generated from an image analysis algorithm, the ID-2000 software captures, compares, and quickly and efficiently displays an individuals face against a database. It enables an individual to be identified in seconds using only an image or photograph as the primary search criteria. And links allow the database to be mined to display additional details like aliases, vehicles, associates, and images of distinguishing features like marks, scars, and tattoos.

The software may be integrated with any Imagis software products, including the companys Computerized Arrest and Booking system (CABS), Secure-ID, and Envisage applications. It may also be embedded into existing access control applications or secure databases combined with encryption protocols or other biometrics, utilizing the companys SDK.

Infrared Identification Inc. (IRID)

PO Box 7025
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-7025

The IRID face-recognition technology has been developed as part of a partnership between IRID and Mikron Instrument Company. The solution can perform infrared facial recognition as well as continuous condition monitoring of individuals by using passive infrared imaging that is non-contact, non-invasive, and works under any lighting conditions or in total darkness.

IRID offers automatic, continual validation that a person is alive, present, awake, alert, and attentive. The company is using the technology to update the prototype access control system it has been developing for more than 25 years.

Tridentity 3 Dimensional Face Recognition
Neurodynamics Limited
Cambridge Business Park
Cowley Road
Cambridge CB4 0WZ UK

The Tridentity system offers a three-dimensional approach to facial recognition, and can analyze subtle features of the face like bone structure, and enables images to be rotated to offer a better view of the subject. The technology uses patterned light to create a three-dimensional image of the face, and once an image is captured, a 3-d representation of the subjects face can be built from a single frame of video footage.

The solution can operate on single or multiple scans, and each scan can be processed in under one second on a 400 MHz Pentium system. The search database size is limited by disk space and processor speed only, and the system may be expanded to scale up to multiple cameras and workstations. The system is based on an open architecture, uses COTS components, and may be easily integrated as a component of a larger system.

QuadHDTV Video Image Sensor
Photon Vision Systems, Inc.
Finger Lakes Business and Technology Park
One Technology Place
Homer, NY 13077
This image sensor and camera development platform is based on Photon Visions Active Column Sensor (ACS) technology, and has been integrated into JVCs Ultra High Definition TV color camera. The sensor may be used for applications requiring computer recognition of individual faces or other features, and offers low-noise video and the PVS-Bus technology for high-speed video data rates.
Additional features include 60 fields/second interlaced and 30 frames/second progressive video, compatibility with 35mm optics, on-chip correlated double sampling, on-chip integrated timing and control logic, a single five-volt power supply, and simple clocking. The color version of the image sensor meets the requirements for biometric applications as well as digital cinematography, broadcast video, and high-end security and surveillance applications.

Symtron Technology

710 Lakeway Dr., Ste. 240
Sunnyvale, CA 94086



The FaceOn technology uses neural network and artificial intelligence techniques to capture faceprints and determine or verify identity. It is at the core of all Symtron offerings, including the FaceOn Logon product, which protects proprietary data on a computer by requiring a users face for logon.


The FaceOn Logon AdminTool enables users to set up security preferences and complete the faceprints enrollment process easily, as well as add and delete faceprints from the database. The enhanced visual Access Log enables administrators to keep tack of all users access settings. The FaceOn Surveillance system may be integrated with various types of CCTV systems, and offers multiple, real-time image enrollment, retrieval, and recognition (using the Invariant Feature Analysis technology). The FaceOn Law Enforcement system enables law enforcement officials to build up a digital faceprint database and search, verify, and identify suspects through it. It may be integrated with existing law enforcement information systems, and enables users to search, record, track, and report records.
FR Technology
Viisage Technology, Inc.
30 Porter Rd.
Littleton, MA 01460

The Viisage face-recognition (FR) technology is based on an algorithm developed at MIT, and enables the companys software to translate the characteristics of a face into a unique set of numbers called an eigenface. This is used by identification and verification systems for facial comparisons made in real time, and may be used with databases containing millions of faces. The technology enables software to instantly calculate an individuals eigenface from live video or a still digital image and then search a databased to find similar or matching images.

The companys family of products is made up of the FaceFINDER, FaceEXPLORER, FacePASS, FacePIN, and FaceTOOLS applications. They offer: Surveillance for law enforcement, the ability to search large databases of images, identity and authorization for PCs, mobile, and Internet applications as well as for physical access and keyless entry, security at retail locations and ATMs, and a software development kit (SDK) for developing additional applications.

Visionics Corporation
One Exchange Place
Jersey City, NJ 07302


The FaceIt facial-recognition software engine from Visionics enables computers to rapidly and accurately detect and recognize faces, for everything from ID solutions to banking and e-commerce applications. The software can detect one or multiple faces, and can also provide one-to-one or one-to-many matching. It also evaluates the quality of the image and prompts for an improved image if needed, and can crop faces from background imagery.


Other features include the ability to generate a faceprint, a digital code/template unique to an individual, as well as the ability to track faces over time. FaceIt can also compress facial images to 84 bytes for easy storage and transfer. It uses the local feature analysis technique to represent facial images in terms of local, statistically derived building blocks. The software is resistant to changes in skin tone, lighting, facial expression, eyeglasses, and hair, and allows up to 35 degrees of change in pose in all directions.
Visionsphere Technologies Inc.
Building M-50
National Research Council
1200 Montreal Rd.
Ottawa, ON Canada, K1A 0R6

The UnMask system offers face detection and location of key features, extraction of facial descriptors, and comparison of extracted information against a database. It locates the face and the eyes automatically through proprietary search algorithms, and then normalizes and crops the image to offer invariance to variations in head rotation, lighting, hairstyle, and facial expression. The system then uses VisionSpheres Holistic Feature Code (HFC) to provide discrimination for comparing faces at high confidence rates and fast processing speeds. Faces are then compared using a proprietary distance function, which stresses significant differences between faces.

VisionSphere also offers the UnMask Plus software artificial intelligence (AI) system, which provides identification and removal of duplicate or multiple images from large databases. The Its Me advanced automatic computer logon authentication system offers hardware and software components for verifying the identity of a network or workstation user. And the FaceCam biometric user-verification terminal offers integration with applications for physical access control, time and attendance, and registration systems.
ZN Security, a division of ZN Vision Technologies AG
Universittstrasse 160
44801 Bochum, Germany

The ZN-Face physical access control system enables automation of identity checks for access to secure areas. Available in single and multiple station versions, the system may be fully integrated with existing access control and time attendance systems. It automates identity checks by taking a picture of the individual requiring access, and recognizing that image to enable access. The system uses a neural face-recognition routine to verify individuals, and also offers a refined optical filter system and a LiveCheck analysis procedure to prevent attempts at spoofing through photos or masks.

The system may be administered via Windows NT/2000, and can be tailor-made to suit the needs of a business. It supports the ODBC database interface standard to enable acceptance of the master data from external databases, and also features the ZN-SmartEye technology. This enables evaluation of pictures from one or several video cameras, and reports the appearance of a known face for tracking guests and protecting safety areas. The system also works with ZN-Phantomas, a computerized image database that can automatically compare and identify faces.



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