Information Engineering Group (IEG) has unveiled its new smart parking management solutions: COPS-Secur-e-Park™. COPS-Secur-e-Park™ helps protect car park facilities from auto theft and other potentially unwelcome activity.

With traditional CCTV equipment, searching for an event that occurred days ago at video tape speed is not your best option. The task is painstakingly longer for car parks, such as airports, that offer long-term parking.

COPS-Secur-e-Park™ offers a disk-based solution with vehicle classification for direct and fast retrieval. A search engine facilitates the direct access to vehicles by license plate, partial plate, no plate, dimensions, date and time. Sanctioned vehicles and and suspect vehicles can be identified. COPS-Secur-e-Park™ reports anomalies, triggers alarms for direct action, builds security dossiers for police investigation and, optionally, takes a photo the driver as a deterrent to auto theft.

COPS-Secur-e-Park is suited for several market segments, namely:
• Airport Long-Term: classify vehicles and their drivers for easy access retrieval in particular with long-term parking
• Airport Tarmac: recognize vehicles servicing secure areas - put vehicles through the same security check as you would individuals
• Banks : drive thru banking with ATMs or with tellers
• Gas Service Stations: identify vehicles at the pump as a deterrent to “drive-offs” and violence; support for car fleet operators
• Car Parks : situated in Hotels, Universities or Private car park facilities
• Gated community: identify residents and facilitate access with automatic gate opening
• Shopping centers: identify repeat visitors, offer frequent shoppers a secure parking location
• Construction Sites: capture truck license plates with load records as a reconciliation with traditional paper based system
• Amusement parks: identify repeat visitors for customer loyalty; also as a deterrent in child protection and auto theft
• Casinos: identify repeat visitors for customer loyalty branding as well as safety

Michael Di Corpo, IEG's Managing Director, commented: “Imagine a scenario familiar with airport car parks where after a week’s absence, the passenger returns to find their vehicle missing. Which video tape do you seek out first? How many days back do you start? This is a resource intensive process beset with accidental success. The proverbial phrase ‘in search of a needle in a haystack’ is all too common.”

“IEG has developed the protocols that define the system without compromising the privacy issues” said Bruno Mailloux, Senior Architect. All this, through unattended day and night operations.

COPS-Secur-e-Park is the latest addition to IEG’s family of Road Safety and Security division. The new offering complements the company's existing security offerings to police forces in support of photo enforcement programs, including COPS2000 for Speed, Red-Light, Tailgating and Reserved bus lane solutions.

All products are available through IEG’s established global channels.