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If the vehicle is in the ALLOWED database the boom will open, all vehicles will be logged and recorded.  

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LPR is used as the trigger to verify the person. The person drives up to the access point, LPR occurs in less than 2 seconds and then the person looks into a facial camera, and within 1 second is allowed if they match the facial template. 


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The South African province of Gauteng is to undertake a US$3.1 billion upgrade programme on the heavily congested N1 freeway. The N1, which links Pretoria and Johannesburg, carries 180,000 vehicles daily. Work is slated to begin early next year and take almost seven years to complete. However, precise dates are currently impossible to give because final environmental impact assessments have yet to be completed. Finance for the upgrade programme will be generated through the implementation of tolls, which are due to be introduced after 2010. All future upgraded freeways in the province will be tolled, with discounts available for regular users.


DATED: 13th August 2007



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Dedicated N2 bus lane ‘cuts commuting time’

CAPE TOWN — Western Cape provincial officials were confident their objectives with the N2 dedicated bus and minibus taxi (BMT) lane were being met, but there were still 1700 motorists who would be getting a R500 fines for illegally using the lane in the past two weeks.

Transport MEC Marius Fransman said yesterday that it appeared as if the lane was working and that buses using the lane recorded a saving of 15 minutes in travelling time, while taxis from Gugulethu saved 30 minutes a day.

Fransman said this indicated that the objectives of the new lane were being met. He said the time saved for commuters meant that buses could operate 31 extra trips into the city, while the number of taxi trips in morning peak hour had doubled from 200 to 400.

During the period, 24477 minibus taxis and 6945 buses used the BMT lane .

Fransman said the province was looking at extending the BMT concept to link the N2 and N1 highways cutting through the Epping industrial area up to the Paarden Island industrial area. While there were road markings available for such a lane, what was needed was enforcement.

He also said that consideration was being given to introduce a BMT lane along the N1 from Durbanville into the city. While the planning for this had been done, it was just a question of budget that still remained to be addressed.

“Our set objective of getting a more efficient and faster public transport system that can be the first choice of travel for the hundreds of thousands of workers in the city is steadily being achieved,” said Fransman.

The BMT lane was opened on August 8 and since then officials have had “good co-operation” from most motorists and law enforcement had been taking place during the prescribed hours of 5.30am and 9am. One of the concerns still remaining was the behavioural change that was needed in drivers, especially minibus taxi drivers.

He said that during the period of assessing the use of the lane, the highest speed recorded was more than 144km/h. Many other vehicles had travelled in excess of 120km/h and traffic authorities were considering bringing in a speed limit of 100km/h. He said an enforcement programme would be implemented to ensure the safety of all road users.

Fransman said a study would also be done to establish which trucks should use the roads during peak times, although he was “sensitive” to heavily laden vehicles transporting critical freight at that time of the day.

AUTHOR: Chris van Gass
DATED: 21st August 2007

Land shortage, traffic to drive house prices

Pretoria - Road traffic congestion and the scarcity of residential land close to the major metropolitan areas would continue to drive house prices in future, John Loos, a property strategist at First National Bank commercial banking, said yesterday.

Loos said motor vehicles would have an effect on property values because the roads were clogging up.

He said this was as a result of the expansion of the economic infrastructure not keeping up with additional vehicles on the roads.

This would lead to the urban land inflation rate increasing as people tried to move to better located areas to avoid congestion, he said.

"We're heading for less affordability because of land scarcity," he said.

New vehicle sales had more than doubled since 2000 and 1 million new vehicle sales a year could be expected in the next decade, he said.

Loos said demographic changes and deteriorating affordability would also fuel demand at the lower end of the housing market.

He said these demographic changes included the fact that the average size of households was getting smaller. This means that the number of households is growing faster than the population.

The improved employment potential of previously disadvantaged individuals was one of the key drivers of this trend.

The affordable end of the market was expected to receive a boost from this trend, said Loos.

Loos said residential building would also have to compete for resources, including building materials, with other segments of the construction industry. His comments come against the background of "four evil forces" that are currently negatively influencing the housing market.

These include the implementation of the National Credit Act, rising interest rates, a slowing global and domestic economy and a lack of further transfer duty relief.

"I think the market is on its way downwards until the first half of 2008. But it will be a soft landing. This year is probably going to be the worst year of the decade for the residential property market," he said.

Loos said the three-year deterioration in the interest rate environment after 2003 was still in progress.



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